Evelyn is proud to offer a full range of customised communications services and specialist interventions to the clients listed below. He works with a wide range of top notch experienced service providers, consultants and industry professionals to deliver exceptional results for his clients.

COAX logo - EvelynJohn

I partner with COAX on a number of projects. COAX is a boutique consultancy that offers Public Relations, Communications, Project Management and Website Conceptualisation services to clients who wish to expand their footprint as trusted brands and thought leaders.

Conservation South Africa logo - EvelynJohn

Conservation South Africa (CSA) supports economic development activities that value nature.

HWB logo - EvelynJohn

I retired as Executive Director and CEO of HWB Communications in 2016 after co- founding the company in 1996. I provide freelance services, stratregic advice to the agency.

LANDWORKS logo- EvelynJohn

LANDWORKS™ is Southern Africa’s leading implementer of ecology driven, community-centric solutions to distressed environments. We work with people in their environment to sustainably rehabilitate and generate natural ecosystems disrupted by fire, flooding, agriculture, mining and misuse.

Rentmaster logo - EvelynJohn

RentMaster is South Africa’s most trusted complete and professional rent collection service for residential property owners.

SAFE logo - EvelynJohn

The media profile of South African Fruit Exporters, is managed by Evelyn on behalf of HWB Communications. SAFE is a leading exporter of mainly citrus and table grapes to markets in Europe, the Far East and Middle East. SAFE also owns and manages farms and packhouses throughout South Africa.

Bed King - Comfort Solutions Logo - EvelynJohn

In support to HWB Communications – Bed King South Africa’s leading supplier of mattresses. The Bed King believes that just about everything in life can be improved by a better night’s rest; that is why The Bed King provides customers with the best possible sleep solution; at the best value. EvelynJohn provided press releases and content.

The Really Great Material Company

The Really Great Material Company has secured sole South African rights to import Mater-Bi, a high-grade resin used to manufacture biodegradable and compostable plastic products.